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The 80s Guy YouTube channel is an absolute gem for anyone who loves the music and culture of the 1980s. From the moment you hit play, you’re transported back to an era of neon lights: big hair and synth-pop beats. The 80s Guy is a YouTube channel dedicated to celebrating the music and culture of the 1980s. The channel became a popular destination for fans of the decade. It features a wide range of content related to the era’s music, fashion, and pop culture.

Features of the 80’s guy Youtube channel

One of the standout features of the channel is its dedication to lesser-known and obscure artists from the decade. While other channels might focus on the big names of the era, The 80s Guy seeks out hidden gems. The channel introduces viewers to a whole new world of music they may have never heard before. It’s a refreshing change of pace that keeps the content fresh and exciting, even for longtime fans of the decade..


But it’s not just the music that makes The 80s Guy channel unique. The channel is a veritable treasure trove of information and nostalgia. It features videos on everything from the era’s iconic movies, TV shows, fashion trends and pop culture icons. The depth and breadth of content on the channel is awe-inspiring. The creators have a genuine passion for the era that shines through in every video.

Aesthetic of the Youtube channel

And then there’s the channel’s visual aesthetic. The neon-and-pastel color palette and retro typography are an absolute feast for the eyes. The style evokes the look and feel of the 1980s in a way that’s both nostalgic and modern. Moreover, it’s a visual style carried through the channel’s branding and merchandise. This creates a cohesive and immersive experience for the viewer.


But perhaps the best thing about The 80s Guy channel is its sense of community. The channel has a loyal and passionate following of fans who share their memories and expexperiences of the era. Creating a supportive and welcoming environment for anyone who loves the music and culture of the 1980s. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the decade or a newcomer looking to discover something new.


The 80s Guy channel has also become a vital hub for fans of the decade. The channel provides a platform for viewers to connect with the music and culture they love. In addition, the channel has a strong and active community of followers. The followers share their memories, experiences, and recommendations related to the 1980s. They create a vibrant and supportive community around the channel.

Youtube channel’s creator Joseph Mercier

Joseph Mercier, born in 1995 in Paris, France, pursued his studies in cinema. He became enamored with Drive, Hotline Miami & Perturbator, and in 2015, he created The 80s Guy channel. Inspiration for the channel struck when Joseph saw Perturbator’s first DJ set at Le Gibus.

Before he transitioned to cinema studies, Joseph dabbled in environmental studies. He discovered his passion for 80s films and began watching them in his free time. He started The 80s Guy channel while pursuing his cinema degree. Joseph has worked as a video editor and color corrector since 2018, with over eight years of editing experience.

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