The Next Awakening (Part 3 God Dammit) 18+

“God dammit, why does it smell like this in here?”,

Our alien friend thought to himself as he slowly woken up from drugged dreams, pulling his dick out of something warm and tight, and the touch of that soft sticky substance reminded him of hot chocolate.

-Holy shit, you shat yourself, you goddamn bastard!,

He yelled as he pulled his dick from fourth anus of his friend from childhood. He didn’t understand what happened during the night, after he and some of his friends (including this one) went out for a rat’s piss, or maybe even some purple meat, or even some bleach.
Friend was mumbling and was wearing a bra for really “big” alien girls on his flat thin chest, and he also saw some g-strings on the floor.

-Wake up, you goddamn sonovabitch!, he said punching his friend in the face.

His friend jumped out of bed and that puddle of shit and fluorescent cum.
-Why did you punch me man, why, he was bleeding from a hole in his face (which is equivalent of human nose)?

-Why, why, you ask me why? Why are you in girls underwear and why were we sleeping together, and why, for da hells sake did I have my cock in your fourth anal opening?,

Our protagonist was almost screaming, still in bed.
-Oh honey – his friend started, while taking a bit of shit and cum on his finger and licking, and with other finger touching his afro hair. He then continued, imitating women voice

You really don’t remember anything after that fifth squeezed rat and few bowls of bleach. I knew that you wouldn’t remember anything, but now that our masks fell, I shall first tell you to take a look on your body… –

He took a look and saw that he was wearing a sexy pair of woman’s underwear too, it had some leopard patter on it, splashed with cum …-

I couldn’t stop thinking about you, after you told us everything about your fantasies, and how you like to dress in your moms and sisters clothes and after that I seduced you, but don’t be mad, everything was consensual.

Our alien friend couldn’t believe what he heard, but through his painful hungover head some memories started to flash and suddenly he started remembering. He was sweating, while shitty odor was spreading through his room, his dick started pulsating a bit, but it had also been bleeding from the wound from suicide attempt, because his wound opened during the wild sex with his friend last night.
When he got more conscious, he jumped out of that bad and his dick was almost fully erected. He tried to hide it, but friends words woke him up from runny thoughts.

You don’t have to hide it baby, I can see it anyhow, you’re really big and I just love your dick,

He said, still with girly voice, while touching his little dick, that was more of a big clitoris than a dick, with his ugly, too long fingers.

-Fuck you, do you hear me?! Fuck, fuck, fuck you! You can’t hear yourself, can you?

Why don’t you fuck me, baby, huh, why are you so ashamed?

Just leave me alone! Jesus,

He said to himself, while turning around to open the window, but in a moment, his friend sneaked behind him and put his reptile tongue deep in his fifthh anus, tingling his prostate.

-Ugh, stop stop stop!,

He said, trying to push his friend off of his ass, but his friend took his dick in hand, and suddenly, our alien boy, started moaning, and he just gave up.
He slowely pulled him back to bad and, our buddy just said :”Why not”.

His friend then turned over and his six anuses flashed before his eyes

-Fuck me in the fourth, please, fuck me in the fourth –

he pleaded, and our protagonist pushed a dick in. His friend was moaning and it turned him on so much he started fucking faster and faster, and his friend started splashing a lot of fluorescent cum out of his vagina-dick and that turned him on so much that he also came, they were finished in less than 20 seconds.
While orgasm was running all the way through our friends body, he was shaking, and his friend was shaking.
He had such a good orgasm, but he was grossed out and wanted to throw up. He pulled his dick out, while his friend was still shaking and rubbing his penis-vagina, and as soon as he pulled his dick out a bunch of shit started coming out of all of the anuses of his friend, mixed with the fluorescent cum, splashing all of the bed and existing bunch of shit, filling the room with crap-smell, starting the new vicious circle. They were both woken up, and from the outside city-desert, room looked lik a room-candy, with a lot of chocolate pudding with fluorescent sauce on top…

Image by Mark Frost

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