The Next Awakening (Part 2)

So, I should just kill myself?
How do I do it? I don’t want it to hurt me much, you know? And also, I want it to be cool, epic…
I know, I’m gonna cut vein on my dick. That’s it!
And here’s a razor, yeah, and now just…

OUCH! OUCH! Fuck, this is painful! I changed my mind, I don’t wanna kill myself anymore, fuck, how to stop bleeding now? Ouch, wait, let me get that lace outta my shoe, yeah, now make a knot, good. Goddammit it’s good that nobody saw this, my family would just push me into the white rooms of sanctuary, and I couldn’t survive there for more than 2 days. Wait, am I crazy? No, I’m not. But a lot of ‘em think I am, I mean, mom and dad too think I’m weird. But I’m sure I’m normal. But still, crazy man doesn’t know he’s crazy, that’s the trouble. And here I am doing it again… How should we call this game where you go back into your head and then the little voice starts talking stuff… It’s funny, isn’t it? How do I know I’m not crazy now? I already thought that the whole universe might be made up by my mind. How do they call that? Solipsism, yeah. So, how can I be sure that everything out there isn’t an illusion made up by my mind just so it could have fun? Well, yeah, but what about the existence of others? So, if my mind stops existing, everything else will cease to exist. Well, here we got an answer to why I’m still unemployed. Man, I get tired just by thinking… But now, I have a more important question… How do I jerk off with this wound on my dick?

Fuck, I didn’t make a plan for what will happen if I survive suicide… But, how does it go, you can play a bit with one of your prostates through 5th hole on your ass, it’s the closest one… How does it go?
So, I just push a finger in, oh… Okay, and now just tickle prostate a bit, yeah that’s it… That’s it, now just go slowly ‘til you climax, yeah, just relax…
He started ejaculating fluorescent seeds all over his body…
DAMMIT, not in my eye…

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Categories: Article , Story Written by: Tomislav Dunković Posted on: 27 - 10 - 2019

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