Roland JV-880 Multitimbral Synthesizer

Do you know when people say that old synths are not that great? Those old sounds are just really outdated, right? That is not the case with Roland JV-880. This module has what I like to say a quality vintage sound. Roland always had a standard. The sounds are rich and wide. The stereo is astonishing and it gives you the chills. I would also like to note that some of the sounds from Roland JV-880 inspired producers that made sounds for those ultraexpensive VST’s like Omnisphere.

Roland JV-880 and some of his amazing sounds:

Video by SynthMania

You can say that the sounds are just right and made for synth enthusiasts like myself. My personal opinion is that you could make amazing modern tracks with layering this sounds with modern VST’s. Strings and brass sounds of this synth are a dream come true for a Synthwave producer.

The JV-880 also contains demo songs made by Marvin Sanders, Mitsuru Sakaue and Chas Smith. These tracks represent Roland JV-880 in the brightest light!

Video by zibbybone


Roland JV-880 is a great piece of equipment. He is the father of the ultra great JV-1080 and they are both really affordable. I love to compare all these synths to Yamaha DX7. Roland JV-880 is a synth that in my opinion beats DX7 with performance and overall sounds. Not to mention it is 5 times cheaper than the DX7 and if you want a DX sounds but with easier editing options and without noise while recording, then get yourself a Reface DX. Synth producers biggest pain is finding good strings, brass and pad sounds. Look no further, Roland JV-880 has it all!

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Categories: Article , Hardware , Review , synth Written by: Isidor Bobinec Posted on: 14 - 09 - 2019

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