Isidor’s Cosmic Triumph: A Journey Through S T Y G I A N


In the realm of synthwave and cyberpunk, few names shine as brightly as Isidor’s. With his latest album, S T Y G I A N, he once again proves his mastery of the genre. Weaving an intricate sonic tapestry inspired by space travel that perfectly encapsulates his unique musical vision. This album is a testament to Isidor’s prowess as a storyteller and sonic architect, where each track is a universe of its own, bursting with detail and innovation.

Starbound: Gabriel’s Quest

Kicking off the interstellar voyage is “Starbound: Gabriel’s Quest,” a track that grabs you from the first note and rockets you into the stratosphere. The addition of a trumpet towards the end adds an unexpected layer of coolness, making this opener an exhilarating taste of what’s to come.

Aux Armes, Citoyens

“Aux Armes Citoyens” follows, delivering a heavy and intense experience that is nothing short of mesmerizing. Isidor ingeniously combines intricate details and storytelling, weaving a narrative of alien invasions and revolutionary chants. The sheer weight of this track is a testament to Isidor’s ability to craft music that not only captivates the ear but also fuels the imagination.

Destroy The World

“Destroy the World” defies the conventions of midtempo tracks, transcending the norm with its multi-layered complexity. Isidor’s meticulous layering and attention to detail give this track a depth that’s rarely seen in the genre. It’s as if he’s woven several tracks into one, creating a truly remarkable sonic journey.


The album’s flagship, “Electrify,” is a genre-defying masterpiece. Isidor seamlessly blends funky harpsichord elements and Quincy Jones-inspired strings with his cyberpunk aesthetic, resulting in a sonic fusion that’s both audacious and incredibly successful. This track exemplifies Isidor’s knack for pushing the boundaries of genre, leaving listeners awe-struck by his ingenious fusion.


“Antarcica” slows down the pace but amplifies the emotional resonance. The gradual buildup and the breathtaking climax at 3:10 showcase Isidor’s ability to evoke powerful emotions through his music. The haunting beauty of this track lingers long after the final note, making it an unforgettable standout.

Fallen Nine And The lone Ascendant

In “Fallen Nine,” Isidor pays poignant homage to the victims of a tragic event, infusing the track with heavy emotion and a sense of reflection. The Children of Cyberpunk influence adds another layer of depth, making it a somber yet compelling addition to the album’s narrative.

V.A.N.T.A. The Lost Signal

“Vanta” stands out as a true marvel, with an ingenious arp sequence that exemplifies Isidor’s unrivaled composition skills. The rhythmic incorporation of a distorted radio signal in harmony with the music is a stroke of brilliance, illustrating Isidor’s ability to turn seemingly mundane elements into sonic treasures.

Cyber Shock

Isidor’s refusal to conform to musical norms is evident in “Cyber Shock,” where he wastes no time in immersing listeners into a sonic whirlwind. This track is a testament to Isidor’s audacity to be different, launching headfirst into the music without the usual fanfare, creating an electrifying energy that propels the album forward.


“Memories” provides a fitting conclusion to the cosmic journey, infusing lo-fi aesthetics with Isidor’s signature touch. The result is a track that’s emotionally charged, evoking a sense of nostalgia and melancholy. This final piece ties the album together, leaving listeners with a profound sense of connection to Isidor’s musical universe.


In S T Y G I A N, Isidor has crafted an opus that transcends the boundaries of synthwave and cyberpunk. His ability to merge various musical elements, intricate detailing, and emotive storytelling sets him apart as a true maestro of his craft. This album isn’t just a collection of tracks; it’s a voyage through space and sound, a testament to Isidor’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of music. S T Y G I A N is an odyssey that firmly cements Isidor’s place as the lord of synth, a visionary whose creations resonate deeply with every listen.

Production: 98/100
Originality: 91/100
Visual Identity: 90/100
Convincibility: 95/100
Arrangements: 96/100
Musicality: 99/100
Dynamic: 88/100
Harmony: 97/100
Tone Colour: 94/100
Instrumentation: 99:100
Composition: 100/100

Overall rating 95/100

Review by Rastko Perišić Composer at Warner / Chapel Music

Categories: Uncategorized Written by: Tomislav Dunković Posted on: 06 - 08 - 2023

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