Best EP of 2017: Girls on Bikes by OSC

2017 was a good year for synthwave.

Like in every movement the genre and its members, the structures and projects become more complex and colorful as time goes by. Only 10 years ago nothing similar really existed and now we have such a thriving new cultural artform and lifestyle to behold and cultivate and participate in.

New albums by exciting new artists get released every week and it becomes more and more difficult to separate the best from the rest, the pros from the posers, the real and talented innovators from fake amateurs.

We here at NEON ORDER try our best to present the real masters and artists of this genre to our audience and the interested followers. Those who really push the limits forward, raise the bar, show true and unique artistry and musical craftsmanship.

Hence, NEON ORDER thinks that OSC’s “GIRLS ON BIKES” is the best EP of 2017.

The great and super smooth mix between super groovy outrun vibes and funky synthwave party beats create a high level of authenticity and deep musical impressions – VERY pleasing and makes you wanna dance and jump around! OSC is a true master of his craft and does justice to all things retro wave and retro funk!

Enjoy this jewel of an EP and we all look forward to hearing more and more of master OSC! The EP consists of a super captivating intro and opening track (Girls on bikes) followed by a high energy funk dancer (Boys fall easy) and goes on to deliver even more energy and smooth vibes with „Cycles at sundown“ – a track that forces you to move and dance! „Lipstick Lollipops“ is a tribute to all masters of Funk there are and makes me feel like in an early 90s TV series, like “Prince of bel air” for example. Closing up the experience in style with a romantic epitaph called “The ride home” this fantastic journey ends again, only to leave the listener wanting more! 10 out of 10 points for the fantastic OSC!




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Categories: Album Review Written by: Philipp Johann D'atri Posted on: 16 - 01 - 2018

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