Groove On: A Synthwave Odyssey with Beckett’s Latest Album

Alright, dear readers, brace yourselves for a musical journey. Here we are, and trust me, it’s worth it. So, let’s dive into the electrifying world of Beckett’s latest synthwave masterpiece.

Fan Mode Engaged

Picture this: I hit play for the second time, and that’s when you know the album’s something special. The first listen was pure fan mode, but the second spin was all producer vibes. And guess what? This album effortlessly checks all the boxes for a synthwave enthusiast. It’s like a nostalgic trip to the ’80s, with a dash of MJ, a pinch of the Pointer Sisters, and everything that made that era golden.

Just Hold On (Erica)

The album kicks off in style – there’s no nonsense. A minor quibble. Maybe a compressor got a tad carried away with the vocals, but let’s not sweat the small stuff. The third-minute break? Pure genius. It’s these tiny details that make this track shine like a supernova.

Step On It

Imagine The Pointer Sisters and George Michael nodding in approval. And the brass? As a trumpet player, I couldn’t help but get goosebumps. Real or not, it’s a brass bonanza. Rachael Jones on vocals? Stellar. Luca Ricardo on guitar? Sublime. This track’s arrangement? Perfection. And those modulations? Beckett, you’re a magician.

It Doesn’t Matter

Keeping the groove alive from the previous tracks but with a key change that takes you on a fresh journey. If Michelangelo from TMNT were real, he’d be grooving, eating pizza, and dancing to this. The arrangement’s on point, and it keeps you locked in – no escape!

Fright Night Fever

Time to cut the funk with a dose of horror and a sprinkle of MJ’s “Thriller” blended with Stevie Wonder’s Free. I would add tad more sidechaining in the bass, but that’s just me nitpicking. Epicness remains intact.

Harbour City

The moment I heard that flute motive, I was hooked. The rhythm change in the beginning tells me Beckett knows his production game. No vocals here, and it’s a breath of fresh air, hooking you in even five tracks deep. That third-minute mark? It’s like a rollercoaster into a new world, fueled by amazing guitars.

Jack Street

Grandmaster Flash, is that you? This track throws us back into the past. Imagine some old-school rap on this – it would be fire.

Night Liaison

Back to vocal synthwave, and this could easily slot into a Miami Vice episode. Slow-motion entrance, Crockett’s jacket billowing in the wind. Luca Ricardo on guitar? A marvel. It makes me want to grab my own and jam along.

Caller On The Line

I love it when the final tracks bring the album’s energy down a notch, preparing us for the end of this thrilling journey. At one point, I thought I’d time-warped into GTA Vice City.

Talk Low, Talk Slow

The beginning of this track took me back to my childhood, hanging out at my uncle’s, Atari ST games, and that black-and-white Cubase. Ah, nostalgia!

In conclusion

Beckett delivers exactly what you’d expect from him: pure synthwave crafted with precision and oozing emotion in every note. The production is so smooth; it’s like it was cooked up in a million-dollar studio. My only tweaks would be those vocals on the first track and a little extra spice on the sixth. But hey, perfection is a myth, right?

So, folks, get ready to groove, reminisce, and get lost in the synthwave paradise that is Beckett’s latest album. And who knows, maybe one day, we’ll get that old-school rap on “Jack Street Mix.” Until then, let’s keep the retro vibes alive!

Production: 90/100
Originality: 83/100
Visual Identity: 85/100
Convincibility: 95/100
Arrangements: 93/100
Musicality: 99/100
Dynamic: 92/100
Harmony: 93/100
Tone Colour: 98/100
Instrumentation: 99:100
Composition: 90/100

Overall rating 92/100

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