Album Review – “Faust” by Hymne

The album “Faust” is interesting and hints at a more specific and hidden intention and world beyond what is actually being displayed in it.

It is obvious that “HYMNE” , which means “ANTHEM” in German, has talent and a certain musical imagination at hand, however the themes occur repetitive and the overall listening experience is that of a movie soundtrack or an unfinished work in progress, meaning the music needs an audiovisual context to be fully appreciated or a listener without any alternatives or options.

The album and music itself wears off a bit fast, as the harmonies and melodies, the hooks and the interesting moments, are rare and mostly replaced by repetition and “daft punk” – esque aspirations, that do the trick for a few seconds and then quickly vanish.

Summary: the album is well meaning but superficial effort without any real hooks or arrangements. the mix is rather dry and the overall experience goes well with the current flow of the “synthwave scene” and can be articulated simply as: “nothing special”

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Faust by Hymne

Categories: Album Review Written by: Philipp Johann D'atri Posted on: 15 - 10 - 2018

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