You dream of neon lights while heavy synth arps are backing you up as you hurl through the grid somewhere in space? Well you are on the right place because we at Neon Order are on a mission to bring you only the best synthwave content there is. Here you will find some great blogs related to music making, various retro topics, synthwave chit chat, awesome reviews of new synthwave music, art as well as interviews. Have we forgotten our space explores out there? No we didn’t! We are going to enrich your space exploration with up to date news about space technology as well as some other interesting Sci-Fi related blogs (personal alien encounters included) and much, much more. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you can be among the first humans to witness the uprise of the Neon Order. Stay awesome sci-fi lovers.

Who Is

Neon Order

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Founder, music & blog editor

Isidor Bobinec

Trumpet player, synthwave author, sci-fi enthusiast

Guest blogger and reviewer

Rastko Perisic

Warner/Chapel music producer, 80s lover

Guest blogger

Tomislav Dunkovic

Future unemployed writer & dead by 30

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